Building Better Brains for Life

RAPT Ventures, Inc. (“RVI”) was founded to bring the power of neuroscience into the home, giving individuals the ability to enhance brain performance for themselves and the people they love.  

Our research and innovation leverage the power of plasticity (the brain’s ability to reshape itself as a result of experience) to develop, support and maintain healthy brain circuity from the outside in

Our products deliver structured auditory experiences that evoke specific neuronal responses to support the development and maintenance of optimal brain structure, brain function and cognitive processes across all stages of life. Their benefits range from creating a better physiological foundation for language processing in infants to strengthening deteriorating neural systems in older adults, and they all incorporate proprietary technology supported by decades of peer-reviewed, clinically validated cognitive neuroscience and 16 US and international patents.

Why We Do What We Do

Developmental cognitive neuroscience is a relatively new field and, already, it has produced critical findings on what can go right and wrong in a young brain, with applications for mature brains as well – yet much of this knowledge still resides mostly in the lab. 

We want to change that by translating neuroscience into products that parents and caregivers can use to help the children in their care build the best possible brains, and that can help all individuals maintain brain performance throughout life.  At the same time, we hope to elevate public understanding of brain health as something that can and should be managed just the way the health of the rest of the body is attended to throughout life. 

Our co-founders and advisors include world-class neuroscientists and highly experienced business builders who are united by their desire to make the benefits of leading-edge cognitive neuroscience as widely accessible as possible.